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July 24th, 2016 Posted in Service Calls 2016 |

Blyth’s volunteer RNLI crew were requested to launch their D Class inshore lifeboat to assist a fishing boat with mechanical failure 1 mile North East of Seaton Sluice.

The crew proceeded south into Blyth bay and on towards Seaton Sluice where it was discovered that the fishing boat was under tow by another boat.

Once it was determined that all were safe and well then the lifeboat stood down and returned to station.

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Whilst out on a routine training exercise on Tuesday evening the volunteer crew of Blyth RNLI B Class inshore lifeboat were requested by Humber Coastguard to asssit in the search for a missing Coble named Team Spirit.

The three volunteer crew on-board the stations Atlantic 75 lifeboat proceeded to search to the south as far as the entrance to the River Tyne.

The crew then recevied a further update to proceed back towards Seaton Sluice to check on reports that the vessel was there. Before they managed to reach the harbour confirmation was received that the local mobile HM coastguard unit had found the coble and that all was ok.
The lifeboat crew were then stood down and returned to back to the lifeboat station where the refuelling took place and the boat made ready for service.
Volunteer Helmsman Steven Fitch said: ‘We were asked to assist in locating a coble named Team Spirit and thankfully this turned out to be a search with a good outcome and vital experience for the crew who manned the lifeboat that evening.’

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On Saturday 2nd July at 1:44pm HM Coastguard requested that Blyth RNLI Lifeboat were required to assist a person stuck on a fishing boat on the River Blyth.

Responding to their pagers, three of the volunteer crew launched the station’s D class lifeboat and headed north up the River Blyth to the area around Blyth Boating Association.

The stricken owner of the Raznaz was reached in good time and it was found that the issue he had was that his tender (a small boat to take him ashore) had come untied from his boat and drifted off leaving him stranded.

Volunteer Crewman Lee Pegg said ‘We located the tender from the West Staithes on the River Blyth and returned it to the Raznaz. The owner was very appreciative of our help and asssitance.’
The gentleman was then transferred back to the Boating Associtation by the RNLI Crew and was handed over to the local HM Coastguard who were waiting.
The lifeboat then returned to the station and made ready for service.

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The stations inshore lifeboat was launched following reports of three persons in difficulty in Blyth Bay towards Seaton Sluice.

As the lifeboat was leaving the harbour it was stood down by Humber Coastguard as it was confirmed all three were now on-shore safe and well.

Full story from News Post Leader here


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June 27th, 2016 Posted in Service Calls 2016 |

Whilst already out on a Sunday morning training exercise both of Blyth’s inshore lifeboats were requested to assist with an injured angler and two broken down fishing boats just to the north of Blyth.

The lifeboats proceeded to the area and first dealt with the injured angler who had suffered burns to his face whilst attempting an engine repair. Once the angler was safely ashore and with ambulance crew both lifeboats assisted in the towing of the two broken down boats back to there births inside Blyth harbour.

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June 25th, 2016 Posted in Service Calls 2016 |

Volunteer crew from RNLI Blyth lifeboat station were requested by HM Coastguard to asssit with reports that there were two persons in stuck in the mud in Blyth harbour.

The D Class inshore lifeboat was launched shortly after 1.30pm and proceeded towards Battleship Wharf in Blyth Harbour.

Upon arrival at the scene it became apparent that there were two women stuck in the mud and that two of the crew were required to leave the D class lifeboat to reach the women concerned.

It was a difficult rescue in that the crew had to swim under the staithes and wade across the waist deep mud to reach the persons in distress.

Blyth’s B Class Atlantic 75 lifeboat was also launched and arrived on scene to assist in the search as there had been reports that there may have been a third person requiring assistance but that was later found not to be the case.

Upon reaching one of the women the crew had to man handle across the mud to the awating emergency services, and with the assistance of the fire service lifted the women up the bank to the ambulance where she was treated.

The other woman managed to follow the crew and was also assisted to the river bank to receive medical attention.

Robin Palmer from Blyth RNLI said that “The RNLI has a Respect the Water campaign and that we would like to remind the public to be careful when in and around the water’.

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Lifeboat crew miss first half of football match and youngsters are reminded to Respect The Water as two find themselves unable to get back to land after jumping from Blyth pier.

Two young people have been described as ‘lucky of being seen’ by Volunteer lifebot helmsman Scott Delf who along with two other crew members used the stations inshore D Class lifeboat to rescue them from the sea shortly after 8pm on Monday 20th June 2016.


Crew members who responded to the call out were just sitting down to watch England take on Slovakia in the Euro 2016 championships in France when the pagers almost coincided with the referee’s opening whistle.

Luckily for the two youngsters the local harbour master at the Port of Blyth had spotted them in the water and, concerned for their safety, reported to the UK coastguard agency that the two appeared to be stranded underneath the end of the west pier at the entrance to the harbour.

Scott who was already at the lifeboat station following a monthly operations meeting prepared the lifeboat for launch and once more crew members arrived they proceeded to the area of the pier, arriving within two minutes.

The two individuals were brought aboard the lifeboat and once is was confirmed that they had suffered no injuries and no one else was in the water they were taken to safety and met by the local coastguard rescue team on Blyth beach.

The lifeboat then returned to station and was made ready for service again by 8:45pm.

Scott said ‘if it hadn’t been for them being sighted by the harbour master they could of been in the water for a considerably longer time’

The RNLI urges all people venturing near the coast to Respect The Water, It’s easier than you think to get into trouble in the water and around 190 people die in British and Irish waters each year.

If you’re going near the coast this summer consider the following:

  • Go to a lifeguarded beach and swim between the red and yellow flags.
  • Before going into the sea, consider your ability and the conditions; swimming in the sea is very different to swimming in a pool.
  • When you enter the water, take time to acclimatise to the water temperature.
  • Have someone watching you from the beach and make sure they have a means of calling for help
    Be aware of the dangers.
  • Know your limits and don’t take risks.
  • Go with your mates and look out for each other.

For more information visit the RNLI’s Respect The Water website or search ‘Respect The Water’ on social media.


Meet Mick French and his scrap-built Dalek.

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Meet Mick French and his scrap-built Dalek.

Mick, a school caretaker in Cramlington, built this impressive looking creation out of scrap materials including a cooking pot for the head and plungers for the arms.

When asked ‘why did you decide to build a dalek’ Mick answered ‘it’s just what i do, i just like making things’

Whilst working in the school a local protographer offered Mick £50 for the dalek which Mick accepted and decided to donate to the RNLI, a charity which he has always been a keen supporter of.

Thanks Mick and let us know what you decide to build next!

Mick French Built A Dalek

Mick French Built A Dalek From Scrap Materials

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June 21st, 2016 Posted in Service Calls 2016 |

First launch for Blyth’s Atlantic 75 lifeboat following several 999 calls over fears of a person in difficulty half a mile out to sea from Seaton Sluice.

Members of the public on both the beach to the north of Seaton Sluice and from a higher vantage point near the Kings Arms pub called the coastguard on 999 after they were told of a person swimming out to sea to rescue a dog, by the time the calls were made the person was reported to be half a mile off shore and in difficulty.

Blyth’s Atlantic 75 lifeboat was launched with three volunteer crew members on-board and made its way just over three miles south towards Seaton Sluice and upon arrival commenced a search of the areain 2m plus waves.

Also proceeding by road was the Blyth Coastguard Rescue Team who after speaking to members of the public on the beach were able to estsablish that there was nobody in difficulty and the original report was a case of mistaken identiy of a surfer.

Even though on this occasion it turned out that nobody was in distress, members of the public should be reminded that if they see anyone who they think maybe in diffuiculty around the coast, dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.

Dog owners are also urged to ‘Respect The Water’ if they find their own dog swimming out to sea, bear in mind that over half of the people who drown around the coastof the uk each year did not even intend to enter the water, so dial 999 and ask for the coastguard rather than putting yourself in danger.

RNLI Blyth’s volunteer lifeboat helmsman Graham Short who lead the search said that he thought this call out, the first time the newly stationed Atlantic 75 lifeboat had been launched on service from Blyth ‘went well’ and he noted that all of the extra hours put in by the team at Blyth were ‘starting to pay off”.
Graham also went on to say that he’d ‘much rather someone called the coastguard on 999 and it turned out to be a false alarm than not act and we end up not being able to save someone’

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May 25th, 2016 Posted in Service Calls 2016 |

RNLI Blyth’s Atlantic 75 inshore lifeboat was diverted from exercise to stand by whilst Cullercoats Atlantic 85 lifeboat responded to reports of 4 person in the water unable to make it back to shore on the north side of St Mary’s island, Whitley Bay.

The call was confirmed as a false alarm with good intent as the group in the water turned out to be a regular snorkelers in the area.

Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade and Blyth’s D Class inshore lifeboat also attended.