Date – Saturday July 2nd 2011
Launch Time – 13:24
Incident – For the second time in under 24 hours, HM Coastguard called out Blyth Lifeboat a to go to the assistance of a jet skier and another person who had swum out to help the jet skier just off South Beach, Blyth.

During the RNLI Blyth Lifeboat Station Open Day on the 2nd July 2011 the crew of the RNLI Blyth lifeboat were demonstrating the features of the lifeboat, launching the craft and showing how it manoeuvres when called to save life at sea.

The call came at 13:24 when HM Coastguard called the lifeboat to go to the assistance of a jet skier in difficulty off South Beach Blyth, and to assist a person who had swum out to sea to help the jet skier.

The lifeboat reached the scene at 13:26, after taking the swimmer onboard the lifeboat and ensuring the person was safe on the jet ski, the lifeboat crew then commenced to tow the jet ski, which had suffered engine failure, back to the beach. The two persons were put ashore at 13:35 and the jet ski was safely beached. After the lifeboat crew had seen the two parsons were safe ashore it left the scene at 13:38 and returned to station to continue with the open day event.

The RNLI Blyth Lifeboat Operations Manager Mr. John Scott said “I think our visitors and supporters of the RNLI Blyth at our Open Day were interested to see the Jennie B launched and go on a call to save lives at sea”.


Blyth Lifeboat leaving open day 2011 to go to the assistance of 2 persons and a Jet Ski in Blyth Bay