Date – Sunday October 2nd 2011
Launch Time – 10:55
Incident – Humber Coastguard called out the Blyth Lifeboat to go and assist paramedics who were assisting a person who had fallen from the rocks into the sea east of the East Pier Blyth Harbour.
The Lifeboat was preparing to launch to proceed on an exercise, when the HM Coastguard called the crew to assess the situation of a person who had fallen into the sea from the rocks east of the East Pier Port of Blyth. The lifeboat was immediately launched and reached the scene at 11.00 am. Also called to the incident was an ambulance and the RAF Air Sea Rescue helicopter.

When the lifeboat reached the scene at 11.00 am, the lifeboat crew were to transfer the casualty to the lifeboat station pontoon. The helicopter then arrived at the scene and landed at the rock edges and it was decided that the casualty be transferred to the helicopter and flown to Wansbeck Hospital.

Blyth Lifeboat Operations Manager Mr. John Scott said ‘Unfortunately people can loose their footing in rocky areas along the coast and sometimes fall, and we at the lifeboat station hope that the person has a good recovery from any injuries he may have suffered.’