Date – Sunday October 2nd 2011
Launch Time – 11:26
Incident – As Blyth lifeboat was ready to leave the scene of the previous incident, HM Coastguard called the crew to go to the assistance of a small motor boat with two persons onboard, which had engine failure in the River Blyth near the Alcan Terminal. The lifeboat reached the scene at 11:30 and after the crew had checked that no one was injured took the small motor boat in tow.

As the tow was proceeding the persons on the motor boat managed to restart the engine an asked that the tow be discontinued, as they now wished to go out to sea. The Lifeboat crew advised the two persons against going to sea and that they should be taken with their boat to a safe mooring. The two persons in their motor boat headed down river to go out to sea.