Date – Wednesday May 4th 2011
Launch Time – 21:16
Incident – Blyth’s inshore lifeboat was requested to launch by Humber Coastguard following reports of a boat in difficulties off South Beach Blyth.

The Lifeboat was launched at 21:25 pm 4th May 2011 after a member of the public reported a boat that appeared to be in difficulties off South Beach Blyth South of the Port of Blyth.

The lifeboat reached the scene 21:30 and located the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club Race Officer boat, after making sure that the persons onboard and the boat were not in difficulties the lifeboat returned to Station and was made ready for service again by 22:00.

Lifeboat Operations Manager Mr. John Scott said “It was wise in the fading daylight that the person seeing what appeared to be a boat in difficulty called the rescue services”.