Date – Sunday August 5th 2012
Launch Time – 15:15
Incident – HM Coastguard called out Blyth lifeboat to rescue a man and his dog after a member of the public reported seeing them to be cut off by the rising tide on the Rocky Garden near Seaton Sluice.
The Lifeboat was launched at 3.15 pm 5th August 2012 and reached the scene at 3.29 pm.  The man and his dog were not to be seen and the Lifeboat Crew searched an area from Seaton Sluice northwards along the shore to a point off from the Asterly Arms.

As no one was found  HM Coastguard stood the  lifeboat down and it left the scene at 3.49 pm and was ready for service  again at 4.20pm.

Blyth Lifeboat Operations Manager John Scott said, ‘The weather at the time was thunder with heavy rain showers, such conditions can affect visibility and the observer may not have seen the man and his dog get safely ashore so it was prudent that the member of the public raised the alarm.’