Date – Saturday, November 6th 2010
Launch Time – 20:46
Incident – Blyth’s inshore lifeboat was called out by HM Coastguard to go to the assistance of the motor boat ‘Abbey Rose’ which had mechanical failure 1.5 miles south of the Port of Blyth.
The Lifeboat was launched at 20:46 and reached the motor boat at 20:58 hours. By then the ’Abbey Rose’ had drifted on the ebb tide to a point 2 miles east of the Port of Blyth. After checking that the 5 persons onboard were not injured and establishing that the ‘Abbey Rose’ had lost its propeller, a tow rope was attached to the motor boat at 21:00. The craft was towed to its berth at 37 Jetty Port of Blyth and was moored at 22:24.
The Lifeboat then returned to station at 22:26 and was ready for service again at 22:50.

Blyth Lifeboat Operations Manager John Scott said ‘The weather conditions were favourable and the rescue operations were efficiently and smoothly completed’.