Sunday June 08 2014

One year after the crew moved into their new £700,000 lifeboat station and with a new crew member on his first ever service call, Blyth’s inshore lifeboat was launched to two people on-board a broken down fishing coble.

Blyth’s RNLI inshore lifeboat was requested to launch by Humber Coastguard shortly after 12:30am Sunday June 8 2014 to go to the assistance of the Bobby, a fishing coble with two persons on-board which had suffered mechanical failure in Cambois Bay.

The volunteer lifeboat crew launched the station’s inshore lifeboat were alongside the Bobby shortly before 1pm, after checking that the two persons on-board were safe and well a tow was rigged and the lifeboat proceeded up river to the Blyth Boating Association moorings.

For volunteer crew member Adam Pickering this was his first service call since joining the team at Blyth and whilst working as part of the three man crew Adam noted ‘It was good to see that all of the training I have been doing over the last few months could actually be put to use and I’m glad I was able to play my part and help out’

After the Bobby was safely moored up on its berth the lifeboat then returned to Blyth lifeboat station where it was re-fuelled and ready again for the next service call by 2:30pm.

Blyth RNLI Lifeboat Operation Manager (LOM) John Scott said ‘It doesn’t seem like it’s been a whole a year since we moved into our new lifeboat station and the level of crew training we are now able to provide is shown when a new crew member knows exactly what to do under the pressure of his first service call’.

Grabbed Frame - Blyth Lifeboat alongside Bobby
Blyth lifeboat alongside the Bobby

Grabbed Frame - Bobby being towed into Blyth Harbour
Blyth lifeboat towing the Bobby

Grabbed Frame - Blyth Lifeboat putting Bobby back on berth
Blyth lifeboat putting the Bobby back on its berth

Grabbed Frame - New Crew Member Adam Pickering
Blyth lifeboat crew member Adam Pickering on his first service call

Photo credits RNLI Blyth
Video credits RNLI Blyth