Date – Monday, June 8th 2009
Launch Time – 19:06
Incident – Blyth Lifeboat was launched to reports of 3 persons on board a day fishing vessel which was suffering from engine failure and drifting towards rocks.

The lifeboat left station and headed towards the incident in Cambois bay on the north side of the Alcan loading facility.

The vessel “Musketeer” was located approximately 5 minutes later just after she had drifted aground onto a small sandy beach at the bottom of the rocks. The lifeboat crew proceeded to attach a tow line and with the help of the crew of the Musketeer and despite a rapidly falling tide, managed to drag her from the beach and back afloat.

The Musketeer and her 3 crew were then returned to berth on the river Blyth and the lifeboat returned to station.

The Lifeboat was on scene within 5 minutes of launch and recovered two males aged 19 & 20 and one inflatable dinghy from near the end of the east pier. The males who has sustained no injuries were then taken to meet with the Blyth Coastguard mobile unit on Blyth beach where they were given safety advice.

The 3 musketeers were all found to be safe and well, acknowledging they had had a lucky escape they commented that “if the tide had been higher or they had drifted in a slightly different position the vessel could have easily been smashed onto the rocks”