Volunteer crew at RNLI Blyth respond to reports of a windsurfer in distress

Whilst preparing to launch on exercise on Tuesday afternoon, HM Coastguard requested that RNLI Blyth B Class lifeboat to respond to reports of a windsurfer in difficulty a quarter of a mile off Seaton Sluice.

The volunteer crew proceeded to the area as requested and upon arrival at the scene carried out a search and spotted two surfers in the water. After establishing with the surfers that they were ok and that they hadn’t seen anyone else in the water this was reported back to the Coastguard.
Further information was received from the informant that the crew were to head towards the meteorological mast and that if the crew followed that course then they should reach the potential casualty.
The B Class lifeboat then headed towards the meteorological mast and a vessel was seen to which the crew met with. The informant then notified the Coastguard that the lifeboat were with the vessel that they believed was in difficulty.

It was established with the people on board that they were in no danger and were fishing and that there were no other vessels or persons in the area.

The Coastguard were notified of this and were happy that there was no one else in danger and the lifeboat and volunteer crew were stood down to continue their exercise.

Scott Delf Volunteer Helmsman said, “We responded very quickly to reports of a suspected windsurfer in distress and after searching the area and reaching the vessel that the informant had seen from the shoreline were relieved that the people were ok and just fishing. We are glad that it was a safe outcome and that no one required our assistance.”