Date – Saturday, April 10th 2010
Launch Time – 14:35
Incident – Blyth Lifeboat was called out by HM Coastguard at 14.35 hours Saturday 10th April 2010 to assist the leisure fishing vessel ‘Wasp’ with 2 persons on board which was drifting ashore at South Beach south of the Port of Blyth.

The lifeboat was launched at 14.45 hours and reached the scene at 14.48 hours. The crew  took action to prevent the casualty drifting ashore, and then when there was room to manoeuvre a towrope was attached to the fishing vessel.

At 14.48 hours with the casualty secured for the tow, and the craft was towed back to its berth in the upper harbour Port of Blyth. The fishing boat with the 2 persons on board was secured on her mooring at 15.25 hours and the lifeboat returned to station at 15.29 hours. The lifeboat was made ready for service by 15.45 hours.
The Lifeboat Operations Manager said ‘The rescue operation went smoothly and reflected the good training of the RNLI crew’.