Members of Blyth’s volunteer lifeboat crew were already at the lifeboat station when Humber Coastguard requested the launch of the stations D Class inshore lifeboat (pictured).

The lifeboat with three crew on-board was tasked to conduct a search of an area half a mile off-shore in Blyth Bay after a member of the public reported losing sight of a kayaker and was concerned for their safety in a choppy sea with the daylight fading.


A search of the area was carried out by the lifeboat crew along with Blyth Coastguard Team, Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade, Northumbria Police and the B Class Atlantic lifeboat B776 ‘Vic and Billie Whiffen’ which is currently at Blyth for crew training and had just returned from a training exercise.

After approximately two hours and with nothing found on land or at sea the search was called off and put down as a false alarm with good intent.

Picture credit, Robin Palmer / RNLI Blyth.