Date – Sunday, July 11th 2010
Launch Time – 12:06
Incident – Whilst preparing for the stations annual open day event the crew of Blyth lifeboat were requested to launch to reports of a jet ski which appeared to have lost power and was being driven out to sea by an offshore wind directly off shore from the gunnery musuem, South Beach, Blyth.

The crew who were already at the station immediatly launched the inshore lifeboat and headed for the scene. Upon arrival they discovered one jet ski who had suffered a complete engine failure and two others standing by.

Blyth coastguard mobile unit who had just arrived at the lifeboat station in support of the open day event were also requested to attend.

The rider of the jet ski was found to be safe and well so was taken on board whilst a tow was rigged by the lifeboat crew. The jet ski and its rider were then returned to Blyth beach from where they had launched.

The lifeboat then returned to station at 12:45, just in time for the beginning of the open day event.