Date – Saturday, July 17th 2010
Launch Time – 10:45
Incident – Blyth’s inshore lifeboat was requested to launch by HM Coastguard following a distress call from the vessel “Apache” reported to be 1 mile from seaton sluice and suffering machanical failure. The Lifeboat was launched and quickly located “Apache” and her 2 crew approximatly 2 miles east of Seaton Sluice harbour.

Once on the scene and it was established that the 2 crew were safe and well the lifeboat took “Apache” under tow back to Blyth Harbour as the tidal harbour at Seaton Sluice was now drying out quickly.

The tow took approximatly 1 hour and on completion “Apache” was met by Blyth Coastguard mobile unit in the South Harbour, Port of Blyth.

The lifeboat teen returned to station and was ready for service again by 12:50. 

Blyth’s Lifeboat Operations Manager on speaking to the crew of the “Apache” was told that ‘they were thankful and relieved to see the RNLI come to their aid’