Date – Saturday, July 18th 2009
Launch Time – 15:30
Incident – The Blyth Lifeboat ‘Jennie B’ was called out by HM Coastguard at 15.30 hours 18th July 2009 to assist two persons in a 16 Foot pleasure boat with engine failure in the River Blyth and reported to be drifting out to sea.

The Lifeboat was launched at 15.39 hours and arrived at the reported scene, but the casualty was not in the reported location. The two persons had called for help using a mobile telephone and when H M Coastguard contacted the casualty again it was discovered that the motorboat was up river of the Alcan Terminal. The Lifeboat resumed the search and was on scene at 15.55 hours. The casualty was taken in tow to its berth in the Upper Harbour, Port of Blyth.

The casualty with two persons onboard was made secure at 16.08 hours and once the lifeboat crew made sure that the two persons were safe they then returned to station at 16.15 hours, and the boat was made ready for serviceagain by 16.30 hours.

The Blyth Lifeboat Operations Manager John Scott said, “When going to sea in a boat or small craft it is advisable to have a VHF radio. Had the casualty vessel been equipped with a VHF radio the crew of the lifeboat would have been able to locate and reach them much more quickly.