On Tuesday 18 October at 4.50pm Volunteer crew members from Blyth RNLI responded to their pagers to a request from HM Coastguard to assist a stricken vessel.
Both the Atlantic 75 and D class lifeboats at the Station were launched to head to the Wendy G and the vessel was reached within 15 minutes.
It was found that a net had fouled Wendy G’s propellor and that a request was made to have the Atlantic 75 tow the vessel back to the Seaton Sluice Harbour.
The crew of the D Class lifeboat were stood down as their assistance was no longer required due to the high tide at Seaton Sluice and arrived back at the lifeboat station at 5.25pm.
It took the Atlantic 75 volunteer crew 25 minutes to tow Wendy G back to the harbour and once safely tied up alongside the crew arrived back at the station at 5.55pm and made ready for service.