Blyth’s Inshore Lifeboat and crew have had the busiest year since 2003.

During the year 2010 the inshore lifeboat was called out on 26 occasions and 28 casualties were rescued.

The calls for help have varied from a person who was in the River Blyth to towing a motorboat some 6 miles back to its moorings.

The records of launches and rescues over the past ten years show that most of the calls for help are between the months April to September. A period of the year when more people are using the sea and the seaside for pleasure and leisure.

Blyth Lifeboat Operation Manager John Scott said ‘The sea and the seaside are inviting and more people are visiting to enjoy the experience. Unfortunately sometimes something goes wrong and our volunteer crews are ready 24/7 to go and help should the need arise’.

It is also interesting to note that throughout the entire RNLI, the place and type of incidents are changing and more and more of the rescue work is being undertaken by the smaller inshore D Class Lifeboats.