Date – Sunday July 22nd 2012
Launch Time – 16:08
Incident – HM Coastguard called out the RNLI Blyth lifeboat Alan and Amy to go to the assistance of a motor boat  with three people onboard who reported on a mobile phone that their craft had mechanical failure, one and a half miles north east of Seaton Sluice.

The RNLI Blyth Lifeboat was launched at 4.19 pm 22nd July 2012 and reached the scene at 4.27 pm. As there were other craft in the area the RNLI lifeboat crew had to check a number of craft before locating the casualty about two and a half miles north east of Seaton Sluice. On reaching the motor boat the lifeboat crew checked that no one was injured. The crew on the casualty were able to restart the engine. The RNLI Blyth Lifeboat then commenced to escort motor boat to Seaton Sluice.
As the casualty was being escorted it was discovered that the motor boat was taking in water. The RNLI lifeboat then went along side and transferred a member of the lifeboat crew along with lifejackets onto the motor boat. One person from the casualty was taken onboard the lifeboat. The passage to Seaton Sluice then continued. The casualty was berthed at Seaton Sluice at 5.40 pm the lifeboat crew made certain that the 3 persons on the casualty were safe.

The RNLI Blyth Lifeboat then returned to station at 5.52 pm and was ready for service at 6.30 pm

The RNLI Blyth Lifeboat Operations Manager said, ‘It is important in the interests of safety at sea that boats are equipped with the correct equipment including lifejackets, VHF radio and flares. Had the persons on the motor boat been equipped with VHF radio and flares the location of the casualty by the lifeboat could have been more efficiently carried out.’