Date – Sunday, July 25th 2010
Launch Time – 17:20
Incident – Whilst already launched on service to the vessel ‘Sea Sprite’, Humber Coastguard informed Blyth Lifeboat of another vessel ‘Sun Ray’ in distress approximatly 1 mile east of Blyth Harbour entrance. The Port of Blyth’s pilot vessel “Cambois” was standing by the ‘Sun Ray’ so Humber Coastguard requested that Blyth Lifeboat ensure ‘Sea Sprite’ was moored up safely and then go to the assistance of ‘Sun Ray’.

The lifeboat crew temporarily moored ‘Sea Sprite’ onto the lifeboat pontoon and then headed out to ‘Sun Ray’. The 4 crew of ‘Sun Ray’ were taken onboard the lifeboat and a tow rigged, The 4 crew of the ‘Sun Ray’ were then taken to the point friom which they had launched further up river inside Blyth Harbour.

On arrival at the launch point of ‘Sun Ray’ the 4 crew were met by Blyth Coastguard Mobile unit, Blyth Lifeboat then returned to station and towed the ‘Sea Sprite’ to her berth in the north end of Blyth Harbour.

The Lifeboat then returned to station and was made ready for service again by 18:30