Blyth Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) lifeboat launched following reports of a dog swimming out to sea

Blyth’s RNLI inshore lifeboat was requested to launch by Humber Coastguard just before 4:45pm Thursday August 29 2013 following reports of a dog swimming out to sea just to the south of Blyth Harbour.

The lifeboat was quickly launched and made its way towards the scene just off south beach, Blyth. Whilst leaving Blyth Harbour, Humber Coastguard informed the crew that a fishing vessel was now alongside and shadowing the dog which had begun to make its way back to shore.

Once the lifeboat arrived on scene two of the volunteer crew entered the water in an attempt to encourage the dog back towards the beach and when they were within standing depth they were joined by a member of the public who attached a lead.

Once the dog was safely on shore and reunited with its owner the lifeboat returned to station and was ready again for the next call by 5.20pm.

The reason for launching the lifeboat was for fear that the owner or a member of the public may attempt to swim after the dog and get into difficulty themselves.


Blyth RNLI Lifeboat Deputy Launching Authority (DLA) Paul Raine said ‘It’s good to see that someone knew what to do and called the coastguard on 999 for help instead of attempting to go after the animal themselves. I would advise any animal owners who find themselves in a similar situation to do the same’.





Photo Credit – RNLI Blyth
Video Credit – RNLI Blyth