Date – Sunday July 31st 2011
Launch Time – 09:15
Incident – Blyth’s inshore lifeboat was requested to launch by Humber Coastguard after a call for assistance was recieved from the small fishing vessel “RB46 – Emma” with 5 persons onboard. The lifeboat was launched at 09:22 and proceeded to the reported position of the “Emma”, one and a half miles East of Blyth’s East Pier.

The “Emma” was located at 09:38 approximatly 2 miles North East of Blyth’s East Pier and once it was established everyone onboard was safe and well a tow was rigged. The crew of the “Emma” requested to be towed back to Blyth Boating Association but due to the falling tide this was not possible and the “Emma” was moored up at the High Ferry Landing at 10:45.

The Lifeboat then returned to station and was made ready for service again at 10:56.