Operating both D Class and Atlantic 75 RNLI inshore lifeboats – The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea

Blyth Coffee Morning Saturday 8th July

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Blyth Coffee Morning Saturday 11th February

Northumberland Music Festival raises awareness of the RNLI

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Friday 23 June 5.01pm *Launch*

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Blyth RNLI launched in response to angling boat in need of assistance
On Friday 23 June at 5.01pm volunteer crew from Blyth RNLI responded to their pagers.
They had been requested by UK Coastguard to launch both their B and D inshore class lifeboats to reports of a 22ft angling boat in need of assistance approximately 6.5 miles east of Blyth Harbour.
Both the boats were launched at 5.10pm and proceeded to the casualty vessel arriving on scene some 15 minutes later.
Having ascertained that all casualty crew members were accounted for but that one of them was suffering from sea sickness the decision was made to take that crew member back to Blyth Lifeboat Station whilst the D Class Lifeboat would start to tow the casualty vessel back to Blyth Harbour.
Once the B Class Lifeboat the Vic & Billie Whiffen had handed over the crew member suffering from sea sickness to awaiting shore crew at Blyth Lifeboat Station, it proceeded back out to where the casualty vessel was still under tow.
Having then swapped the tow over to the B Class Lifeboat the D Class Lifeboat Alan & Amy then made its way back to Blyth Lifeboat Station.
It was then refuelled and made ready for service at 6.35pm.
Meanwhile the Vic & Billie Whiffen continued with the tow of the stricken angling boat who it transpired had suffered mechanical issues with its engine back to Blyth Harbour and was tied up alongside an available pontoon on the River Blyth at 6.55pm with the three remaining crew handed over to the local UK Coastguard Unit from Blyth.
The B Class inshore lifeboat then returned to station and was made ready for service at 7pm.

Thursday 22 June 2017 2.05 pm *Launch*

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Volunteer crew from Blyth RNLI respond to assist a stricken angling boat

On Thursday 22 June at 2.05pm volunteer crew from Blyth RNLI were paged by UK Coastguard.

The B Class inshore lifeboat was launched shortly afterwards to respond to a report of a vessel with engine failure. The volunteer crew proceeded 1.5 miles south west of Blyth Harbour entrance and reached the vessel, a 25ft angling boat with two persons on board, and offered to take the vessel under tow.

A tow was organised and the vessel was taken back to West Staithes at the north end of Blyth Harbour.

The casualty vessel was tied up alongside at 3.15pm and handed over to the local UK Coastguard unit.

The lifeboat then returned to station at 3.25pm and made ready for service at 3.25pm.

Sunday 18 June 2017 2pm *Launch*

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Volunteer crew from Blyth RNLI respond to a vessel with an engine fire

On Sunday 18 June at 2pm the volunteer crew were returning from being out on a routine training exercise when reports were received of a vessel whose engine was on fire.

On contacting UK Coastguard to advise that the crew were available to assist if required, instructions were given to proceed to the yellow mine can buoy off of St Mary’s Island.

Upon reaching the scene it was found that a small fishing vessel with four persons onboard had managed to extinguish the fire and that no one had been hurt.

Another vessel Crewless had passed a towline to the casualty vessel and were proceeding to Royal Quays Marina and the Blyth RNLI volunteer crew were requested to escort both vessels.

After a safe tow back to the marina and the casualty vessel safely tied up alongside, the B Class lifeboat Vic & Billie Whiffen headed back to Blyth arriving at 4pm.

The boat was refuelled and made ready for service at 4.20pm

Northumberland Puffin Kayak Competition supports the RNLI

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On the 3 June the Northumberland Kayak Competition took place off Blyth Bay raising funds for the local RNLI.  

The event had 40 entries and saw kayakers spend the day afloat fishing around the Blyth Bay area. The winner of the fishing competition was Andy Rose and he caught 8lb 9 oz cod.

The volunteer crew from Blyth RNLI joined the kayakers at sea whilst out on exercise and reinforced the Respect the Water message that the RNLI are keen to make the public aware of.

The competition had been postponed from the previous weekend by the organisers on safety grounds due to the weather conditions which is all part of the https://www.respectthewater.com/activities/kayaking/ message

The organisers visited the volunteer crew back at Blyth RNLI lifeboat station on Tuesday 6 June where they presented the crew with a cheque for £1100.

The charity would like to thank for the organisers for the professional manner in which the event was held and for the generous donation made to the RNLI.




2 June 2017 5:12pm *Launch*

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On Friday 2 June Blyth RNLI volunteer crew members responded to their pagers at 5:12pm to come to the assistance of a small fishing vessel that was suffering from mechanical issues.

The B Class Atlantic 75 was launched and as instructed by UK Coastguard proceeded due east from Blyth harbour to meet the casualty vessel Braveheart off of the north wind turbine.

The volunteer crew arrived on scene and having spoken to the crew on board the casualty vessel it was decided to undertake a tow back to the West Staithes in Blyth harbour.

After establishing the tow both boats proceeded back Blyth harbour where the vessel was secured at the West Staithes.

The charity’s lifeboat then returned to station at 6:50pm and was made ready for the next service




24 May 2017 7.08pm *Launch*

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On Wednesday 24 May at 7.08pm the volunteer crew at Blyth RNLI were paged to go to the aid of a kayaker off of Cambois.

Both the inshore lifeboats were launched at 7:17pm, and at the request of UK Coastguard, were required to go to the aid of a kayaker that had been seen to require assistance off Cambois.

The inshore lifeboats proceeded up the River Blyth and at the entrance to the Port of Blyth were informed by UK Coastguard that the kayaker had safely made their way to shore and that the volunteer crew were able to stand down and return to station.

The lifeboats headed back to the RNLI Lifeboat Station at Blyth where both boats were made ready for service at 7.40pm




Blyth Coffee Morning Saturday 8th April

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Blyth Lifeboat Ladies Guild Coffee Morning 2017

RNLI safety warning as north of England rescue figures are released

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In 2016 Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) lifeboats in the north of England launched more than 1,000 times. As the Easter holidays approach, and in a bid to reduce this year’s rescue statistics, the charity is urging people to take extra care at the coast.
RNLI statistics issued today (Wednesday 29 March) show that volunteer lifeboat crews at the 33 lifeboat stations* in the north of England launched 1,032 times last year, an increase of more than 8% on 2015 when there were 954 launches. The charity’s lifeguards on 38 beaches in the north* also saw an increase in the incidents that they attended with 2,398 incidents in 2016 compared to 2,065 in 2015.

Nationally, the number of lifeboat launches around the coast has increased from 2015 to 8,851 in 2016 (a five year high) and lifeguard incidents are also at an increase from last year to 17,414. The charity’s lifesavers saved 558 people’s lives last year and helped nearly 30,000 people.

Following the release of the statistics, the charity wants to equip more people with the knowledge and skills to avoid trouble in the first place and to understand what to do should they find themselves or others in danger in the water.

Darren Lewis, RNLI Lifesaving Manager said: ‘In 2016, our charity’s lifeboat crews and lifeguards in the north of England saved 64 lives. The figures from last year show immense dedication by our volunteer lifesavers but the increase in lifeboat launches and incidents dealt with by our lifeguards highlights the need for people to be extra vigilant in or around water.

‘Our charity promotes safety messages all year round via interactive campaigns such as Respect the Water and Hit the Surf. Through these initiatives we have equipped thousands of people with invaluable lifesaving tips. With Easter just around the corner, it’s the ideal time to remind people that to have an enjoyable time at the coast, they need to treat it with respect. A little preparation beforehand and knowing what to do if you do get into trouble can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.’

Top safety tips for people visiting the coast include:
· Familiarising yourself with tide times before setting off
· Always letting someone know where you are going and what time you expect to be return
· The correct way to raise the alarm if you do get into difficulty – by calling 999 and asking for the Coastguard
· To always swim at a lifeguarded beach

The charity’s lifeguards will be returning to many beaches during April with safety patrols operating through to September. For a list of season dates please visit: https://rnli.org/find-my-nearest/lifeguarded-beaches

Darren added: ‘We’d always urge people to visit a lifeguarded beach and swim between the red and yellow flags. RNLI lifeguards are highly trained and are able to deal with anything from locating missing children through to lifesaving rescues. They’re always happy to offer friendly safety advice and this provides beach users with extra peace of mind.’

The 2016 statistics also show in the north of England an increase of lifeboat launches to people who got into difficulty ashore, with incidents rising almost 16% from 240 in 2015 to 278 in 2016. This highlights how people need to take extra care on coastal walks or whilst walking their dogs near the sea.

The busiest lifeboat crew in the north of England in 2016 was Sunderland which launched its inshore lifeboats 100 times, followed by:
Blackpool – 84 launches
Tynemouth – 75 launches
Humber – 67
Fleetwood – 55