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18/10/2016 4.50PM *LAUNCH*

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On Tuesday 18 October at 4.50pm Volunteer crew members from Blyth RNLI responded to their pagers to a request from HM Coastguard to assist a stricken vessel.
Both the Atlantic 75 and D class lifeboats at the Station were launched to head to the Wendy G and the vessel was reached within 15 minutes.
It was found that a net had fouled Wendy G’s propellor and that a request was made to have the Atlantic 75 tow the vessel back to the Seaton Sluice Harbour.
The crew of the D Class lifeboat were stood down as their assistance was no longer required due to the high tide at Seaton Sluice and arrived back at the lifeboat station at 5.25pm.
It took the Atlantic 75 volunteer crew 25 minutes to tow Wendy G back to the harbour and once safely tied up alongside the crew arrived back at the station at 5.55pm and made ready for service.

Fish Supper Raffle Results & Quiz Winners

October 15th, 2016 Posted in Fundraising & Events |

Winning raffle ticket numbers from last nights fish supper at The Commissioners Quay:

1st – Overnight Bed & Breakfast @ Commissioners Quay – No.17
2nd – Three Course Meal For Two @ The Commissioners Quay No.92
3rd – Two Course Family Meal (2 Adults, 2 Children) @ The Commissioners Quay No.23
4th – Bottle of white wine No.104
5th – Bottle of rose wine No.112
6th – Chocolates No.143

Congratulations to George & Libby Cripps, winners of our fish themed quiz at The Commissioners Quay last night.

Thank you to all who took part and helped us raise over £500 which goes directly towards saving lives at sea.

We’ll be in touch with the winners shortly.








12/09/2016 3:30 PM *LAUNCH*

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Inshore lifeboat launched to assist ambulance service as a man fall through a hatch in the post of Blyth.

At 3:30pm on September 12th the launch of Blyth’s Atlantic inshore lifeboat was requested to assist ambulance service responding to reports that a man working on a boat in the port of Blyth had fallen through a hatch on a pontoon.

The incident which was on board a moored up newly built boat was quickly located, the lifeboat arrived at the same time as the ambulance service incident response team so the lifeboat stood by whilst the man was assessed and assisted from the boat by ambulance crew.

The lifeboat and its three volunteer crew were on-scene for a total of 45 minutes before returning to station.

Tall Ships Regatta a great success says RNLI Blyth

September 12th, 2016 Posted in Station News, With Pictures |

RNLI Blyth can now reflect on the bank holiday weekend and has had a chance to count the donations that it received and can say that the Tall Ships Regatta has been a great success for several reasons.

The crew manned the station from the Friday to through to the Monday evening and this gave them chance to meet the public and build relations and educate visitors on the role of the local Station and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

The Crew were also joined by colleagues and Volunteers who represented Fundraising, Respect The Water, Education and Face to Face all important elements of the RNLI and which the public may well not been aware of.

The Crew were pleased in the fact that they only had to deal with a handful of incidents over the weekend which ranged from towing broken down yachts, checking on reports of swimmers in distress which turned out to be a false alarm with good intent and first aid incidents outside the Lifeboat Station, together with ensuring the Parade of Sail took place safely.

The Station’s Lifeboat Shop proved a hit with the public with more than £8,000 in sales over the weekend.

The public were also very generous in donations with a further £8,500 received via bucket collections and support from other exhibitors at the Regatta.

Although fundraising is important to the Charity the more important message that the Crew and Volunteers wanted to deliver was that of RespectTheWater.com due to the recent incidents around the coast. Paul Raine, Deputy Launching Authority for RNLI Blyth, said, “The Regatta and the number of visitors that it brought to Blyth meant we were able to educate the public on important safety messages and also what role the RNLI undertakes which was invaluable to us. We’d like to say “Thank You’ for the fantastic amount of money that we’ve been able to raise which enables us to continue to save lives at sea. We hoped the public enjoyed meeting the Crew and volunteers as much as we enjoyed the experience and for us as a Charity and a Station the Regatta was a great success.”





19/08/2016 10:40AM *LAUNCH*

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Volunteer crew from RNLI Blyth responded to their pagers at 10.49 this morning to reports of a dog 200 metres off of Blyth beach.
Both the B and D class lifeboats were launched and proceeded to search for Milo a black labrador off from Gloucester Lodge area of Blyth Beach.

The crews soon located Milo and then it was decided that it would be easier to be able to put the dog on the B class lifeboat as it’s lower at the back of that particular boat.

Whilst the crews were doing this, Lianne Bridgett from Pegswood who is Milo’s owner could only watch from the shoreline.

She said,”We had parked up at the car park by the ice cream and chip place and walked up past the war memorial.We were about two minutes along the coastal path and Milo just took off.He’s never done that before! I’m so grateful to the crew at RNLI Blyth and I know to some people he’s just a dog but he’s part of our family.”

Milo was taken back by the B Class lifeboat to the Station and was reunited with Lianne and both boats were made ready for service at 11.40am.






09/08/2016 3:37PM **LAUNCH**

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Volunteer crew at RNLI Blyth respond to reports of a windsurfer in distress

Whilst preparing to launch on exercise on Tuesday afternoon, HM Coastguard requested that RNLI Blyth B Class lifeboat to respond to reports of a windsurfer in difficulty a quarter of a mile off Seaton Sluice.

The volunteer crew proceeded to the area as requested and upon arrival at the scene carried out a search and spotted two surfers in the water. After establishing with the surfers that they were ok and that they hadn’t seen anyone else in the water this was reported back to the Coastguard.
Further information was received from the informant that the crew were to head towards the meteorological mast and that if the crew followed that course then they should reach the potential casualty.
The B Class lifeboat then headed towards the meteorological mast and a vessel was seen to which the crew met with. The informant then notified the Coastguard that the lifeboat were with the vessel that they believed was in difficulty.

It was established with the people on board that they were in no danger and were fishing and that there were no other vessels or persons in the area.

The Coastguard were notified of this and were happy that there was no one else in danger and the lifeboat and volunteer crew were stood down to continue their exercise.

Scott Delf Volunteer Helmsman said, “We responded very quickly to reports of a suspected windsurfer in distress and after searching the area and reaching the vessel that the informant had seen from the shoreline were relieved that the people were ok and just fishing. We are glad that it was a safe outcome and that no one required our assistance.”

ASDA Blyth supports local RNLI Lifeboat Station

August 8th, 2016 Posted in Fundraising & Events, With Video |

Customers in ASDA Blyth have chosen their local RNLI Lifeboat Station to receive £500 from the “Green Token Scheme”.

The public when shopping were given a green token at the checkout and could choose one of 3 charities to benefit by placing the token in the appropriate collecting box in the foyer. The charity with the most tokens then received the cash donation from the store.

The Community Champion Diane Dinning met the Volunteer Crew along with members of the Fundraising Committee and Ladies Guild at Blyth and presented them with the cheque and received a tour of the station and got to see the Atlantic 75 B Class Lifeboat on the water and to hear what the Crew had been doing recently.

Scott Delf, one the Volunteer Helmsman at the station said, “It’s fantastic that the people of Blyth have supported the work that we do here and the money donated enables us to continue saving lives at sea”.

Diane commented, “It was nice to come to the Lifeboat Station and meet the Crew and actually see what the RNLI put the money towards. We as a local store look forward to being able to continue our support of the station and crew in the future in the vital work they do”.



01/08/2016 8:49PM **LAUNCH**

August 4th, 2016 Posted in Service Calls 2016, With Video |

RNLI Blyth volunteer crew come to the assistance of two young kayakers

On Tuesday 1st August volunteer crew members from RNLI Blyth lifeboat station responded to their pagers at 8.49pm to reports of two kayakers in the River Blyth, one who appeared to be in difficulty.

The D Class inshore lifeboat Alan and Amy was launched and proceeded north up the River Blyth and were informed by the harbour that the kayakers were in the vicinity of Wimbourne Quay.
HM Coastguard informed the crew that the kayaker that was in difficulty may have made it ashore, and upon arriving on the scene it was quickly established that no medical assistance was required but that they were on the mud and with the tide being low were going to require the crews assistance to bring them back to safety.
Both of the young lads who were local to Blyth were taken on board the lifeboat and one of their kayaks was retrieved and towed back to the old Golden Fleece landing site where the lads were handed over to the HM Coastguard mobile unit who waiting to greet the crew.


The lifeboat then made a search of the local area to see if the second kayak could be found together with missing equipment but all that was located was a missing paddle and the assumption was the second kayak had sunk.
The crew then made their way back to the RNLI Lifeboat Station where it was made ready for service.
Robin Palmer Deputy Press Officer for RNLI Blyth said, “We are glad that the two young lads were handed over to HM Coastguard safely and that they didn’t need medical assistance. We’d like to take this opportunity to remind the public of our “Respect The Water” campaign and that  if out on the water know what to do so you don’t end up in trouble, further details can be found at www.respectthewater.com

21/07/2016 3:02 PM *LAUNCH*

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Blyth’s volunteer RNLI crew were requested to launch their D Class inshore lifeboat to assist a fishing boat with mechanical failure 1 mile North East of Seaton Sluice.

The crew proceeded south into Blyth bay and on towards Seaton Sluice where it was discovered that the fishing boat was under tow by another boat.

Once it was determined that all were safe and well then the lifeboat stood down and returned to station.


05/07/2016 8:15 PM *DIVERTED*

July 10th, 2016 Posted in Service Calls 2016 |

Whilst out on a routine training exercise on Tuesday evening the volunteer crew of Blyth RNLI B Class inshore lifeboat were requested by Humber Coastguard to asssit in the search for a missing Coble named Team Spirit.

The three volunteer crew on-board the stations Atlantic 75 lifeboat proceeded to search to the south as far as the entrance to the River Tyne.

The crew then recevied a further update to proceed back towards Seaton Sluice to check on reports that the vessel was there. Before they managed to reach the harbour confirmation was received that the local mobile HM coastguard unit had found the coble and that all was ok.
The lifeboat crew were then stood down and returned to back to the lifeboat station where the refuelling took place and the boat made ready for service.
Volunteer Helmsman Steven Fitch said: ‘We were asked to assist in locating a coble named Team Spirit and thankfully this turned out to be a search with a good outcome and vital experience for the crew who manned the lifeboat that evening.’