On Tuesday 4 June 2019 at 1.32pm volunteer crew at Blyth were requested to launch to assist a fishing vessel aground at Seaton Sluice.
The station’s Atlantic 75 inshore lifeboat with three volunteer crew onboard launched some nine minutes after receiving the request from UK Coastguard and headed South from the Port of Blyth towards Seaton Sluice.
Arriving on scene at 1.49pm the volunteer crew spoke with the crew on the 10.5 metre fishing vessel.
The casualty vessel had become stuck on the rocks whilst tending to their pots and had put their anchor out at low tide ready to refloat on the rising tide.
The inshore lifeboat remained on scene to ensure that there was no damage to the vessel whilst it pulled itself off of the rocks and then provided an escort back to South Harbour.
The charity’s inshore lifeboat then returned to station at 2.38pm and was made ready for service.
Barry Pearson, Blyth RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager commented;’We were requested to assist a fishing vessel that was reported aground on the rocks off of Seaton Sluice.Once on scene our volunteer crew established that there was no damage to the vessel and stood by to provide assistance if required.We are pleased that the vessel was able to make its own way back to the Port of Blyth.’

To the video for this service call please click the link below