On Monday evening both inshore lifeboats were launched shortly after 6pm to respond to reports of a missing person in the Hartley Bay area.
Volunteer crew responded to their pagers as the UK Coastguard required the inshore lifeboats to assist in the search for a missing elderly gentleman.
Both the B and D class inshore lifeboats headed to the Hartley Bay area with the lifeboats searching from St Mary’s Island heading north and from Crag Point heading south.
It was the volunteer crew on the D class lifeboat that spotted the casualty at bottom of the cliffs and advised UK Coastguard that they would proceed to the shoreline and assess the situation.
Once members of Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade (TVLB) and Blyth Coastguard had also reached the casualty, a plan was formed on how to extract the injured gentleman.
It was decided to place him in a stretcher and use the two inshore lifeboats to transport him, from the shoreline back to Blyth RNLI lifeboat station where they would be met by an ambulance from North East Ambulance Service.
Taking their time to cross the rocks and utilising their training the casualty was placed onto the D class inshore lifeboat first, which then slowly made its way from the shoreline to the awaiting B class lifeboat.
The casualty and a member from TVLB were transported back to the lifeboat station at Blyth, where further assessment could take place in warmer and safer surroundings.
The elderly gentleman was then taken by ambulance to hospital.
For Adam Pickering it was his first shout as a Helm of the D class inshore lifeboat and he commented,’It was a good team effort by both our volunteer crews, together with working with the other agencies, it made a potentially very difficult situation simpler using all our training.I’m glad that we were able to transfer the casualty safely away from the base of the cliffs back to the lifeboat station and pass him to the care of the ambulance service.we wish to pass on our best wishes and wish the gentleman a speedy recovery.’

For video footage of the shout the please click on the link below