The RNLI Council has decided to make an award to Mr John C Scott, the Lifeboat Operations Manager at the RNLI Blyth Lifeboat Station Management Group, in recognition of his many years of voluntary work.


John Scott has served 12 Years as Lifeboat Operations Manager, and has done sterling work for the RNLI Blyth Station during some difficult years of restructuring at the Station.

It is interesting to note that John started his voluntary service with the RNLI during 1974 as a crewmember of the D Class lifeboat, probably the fastest class of lifeboat at that time. He later joined the crew of the Civil Service Class Lifeboat ‘Winston Churchill’. Then as the years passed he qualified as Assistant Mechanic, then Mechanic, then as Second Coxswain Mechanic.

Like many things in life there is change, the lifeboats became larger and faster that gave the craft a greater range of service. The types of incidents at sea needing the assistance of lifeboat crew also changed some 80% of the incidents are closer to shore and require the assistance of the Atlantic or D Class Lifeboats.

During the past 35 years Mr John Scott has seen the changes and development of the D Class Lifeboat, which is probably the longest serving class of RNLI Lifeboat. The D Class lifeboat was introduced into service in 1963 and has over the years been improved and developed, and today it has a speed of 25 knots and the power to tow a vessel of some 40feet should a tow be necessary.

Mr J C Scott will be formally presented with his award at an event to be arranged later this year.