Blyth RNLI launched in response to angling boat in need of assistance
On Friday 23 June at 5.01pm volunteer crew from Blyth RNLI responded to their pagers.
They had been requested by UK Coastguard to launch both their B and D inshore class lifeboats to reports of a 22ft angling boat in need of assistance approximately 6.5 miles east of Blyth Harbour.
Both the boats were launched at 5.10pm and proceeded to the casualty vessel arriving on scene some 15 minutes later.
Having ascertained that all casualty crew members were accounted for but that one of them was suffering from sea sickness the decision was made to take that crew member back to Blyth Lifeboat Station whilst the D Class Lifeboat would start to tow the casualty vessel back to Blyth Harbour.
Once the B Class Lifeboat the Vic & Billie Whiffen had handed over the crew member suffering from sea sickness to awaiting shore crew at Blyth Lifeboat Station, it proceeded back out to where the casualty vessel was still under tow.
Having then swapped the tow over to the B Class Lifeboat the D Class Lifeboat Alan & Amy then made its way back to Blyth Lifeboat Station.
It was then refuelled and made ready for service at 6.35pm.
Meanwhile the Vic & Billie Whiffen continued with the tow of the stricken angling boat who it transpired had suffered mechanical issues with its engine back to Blyth Harbour and was tied up alongside an available pontoon on the River Blyth at 6.55pm with the three remaining crew handed over to the local UK Coastguard Unit from Blyth.
The B Class inshore lifeboat then returned to station and was made ready for service at 7pm.