Volunteer crew were paged by UK Coastguard on Friday 20 April at 9.34pm

Blyth RNLI with casualty vessel in tow heading to South Harbour

Late on Friday evening the volunteer crew from Blyth RNLI were required to assist a yacht which was on passage from Rosyth to Newcastle.

Both inshore lifeboats were launched at 9.45pm and headed out to the wind turbines east of the Port of Blyth.

It was soon established that the casualty vessel wasn’t in the position that was first advised and it was requested that the vessel fired flares so that a more accurate location could be established.

At 10.00pm the yacht sent flares into the night sky which were seen by the volunteer crew and they headed north of Newbiggin where the vessel was.

Upon reaching the 40ft yacht it was found that the gentleman aboard was requiring assistance to bring his yacht to a safe berth for the evening.

A tow was established by the B Class inshore lifeboat Vic & Billie Whiffen at 10.30pm whilst the D Class inshore lifeboat Alan & Amy returned to the lifeboat station at Blyth.

It was agreed that the yacht would be taken to the visitors berth at the Royal Northumberland Yacht in the South Harbour at Blyth.

At 23.55pm the volunteer crew tied up the casualty vessel at South Harbour and with assistance of Blyth Coastguard Rescue Team who also provide safety advice to the crew on the yacht.

The B Class lifeboat then made it’s short way back to the Lifeboat Station and together with the D Class both boats were made ready for service at 12.10am.