On Saturday 22 July the volunteer crew from Blyth RNLI, whilst attending the North Blyth Harbour Day, provided assistance to a grounded fishing vessel.

The volunteer crew had been on the River Blyth in the B Class inshore lifeboat the Vic & Billie Whiffen to attend the North Blyth Harbour day and had noticed a vessel that was grounded on the west side of the river by the old ferry landing.

Having spoken to the owner who was on board it was decided that the inshore lifeboat would attend the event and come back to the vessel later when the tide would allow the vessel to be taken under tow.

Having attended the Harbour Day where the RNLI had been raising awareness of the work its does, together with a stall, the volunteer crew returned to the casualty vessel.

The volunteer crew informed UK Coastguard of the situation and a tow was established with the vessel and once safely afloat, the vessel was able to start its engine and make its own way to its mooring.

The inshore lifeboat then returned to the lifeboat station at 2pm and made ready for service.